B.B.R (Butta B-Rocka) Enterprises is more then an Artist.


So who Is Butta B-Rocka!
International Touring Artist, Songwriter, Amazon Best Selling Author of Fear of Failure, Fear of Not Trying, Editor n Chief of Defiant Ones Teen Magazine, Podcast Host, Published Model & Actress, Playwright of the stage play "I Cheated So What",  CEO/Founder of 501c3 non-profit "Artists Rock the MIC Foundation" - Oleathia “Butta B-Rocka” Robinson has been diligently putting in work across markets and borders. Butta has redefined the term “versatility” by showcasing her vocals and composed pieces for ears in the US, UK, Germany, Holland, Japan, Canada, Portugal, St Lucia, St Thomas, St Kitts, Barbados, Chile, Puerto Rico, Antigua, Africa and across genres from pop, rock, gospel, country and rap. Between her background vocals, demo recordings, and stage performances her résumé boasts work and assistance with international superstars, Grammy winners and performers like Janet Jackson, Akon, TLC, NAS, rock group Collective Soul, country singer Zac Brown, Kanye West, Dream, Japanese star Namie Amuro, Belgium superstar Sandrine, German Artist Vanessa Jean Dedmon and countless other talents across the globe. Butta is a triple threat, your one stop shop!


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 Butta B-Rocka Releases Uplifting & Emotional Single ‘Promise Land’

Butta B Rocka Promise Land

“Fear Of Failure, Fear Of Not Trying” Going From A Shooting Star, To A Fallen Star, To A Super Star, The Oleathia “Butta B-Rocka” Robinson Story, Becomes #1 Best Seller On Amazon In Less Than 7 Hours.