Butta is creative and Innovative, she jumped at the opportunity of writing her first stage play. 'I Cheated So What' debuted on September 30th with an amazing cast that featured 5 national recording artist.  Butta partnered with Director/writer Donald gray using her song entitled The Storm as a blueprint to the play.

 This dramatic play is filled with suspense, mini twists and turns, laughter, comic relief, and offers a spiritual tug of war with the flesh and spirit.

The perfect relationship, a perfect life.
 A perfect couple, the perfect marriage on course to true happiness. Suddenly, something went wrong, they didn't see it coming.
Now, a once happy marriage has taken a turn for the worse. A couple now finds themselves, in the midst of a storm as thunder roars and lightning strikes viciously in their marriage.

In spite of his betrayal and distrust, she continued to forgive him over and over, but can he now forgive her?  She is now a woman scorned and is out for vengeance. In spite of her love for him, her heart grows cold, she's numb to the hurt and pain he caused her.

The tables have turned,  a storm now rises, can they both weather their worst storm? Can they look beyond the fact that they've been with another? What happens when they're both wrong? how do they move on?
Can they weather the storm?

 I Cheated So What!


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