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Author of "Fear of Failure",

The fear of failure can weigh heavily in the mind once a seed has been planted and it can be hard to find a way past it 

But this book will change the way you think! 

Some people have an in-built sense that they will somehow fail, no matter how hard they try; that they will never be good enough to succeed or find happiness and contentment. But we all have it within ourselves to be the best we can be, it sometimes just needs that extra push to uncover it. 

Inside the pages of this reflective and insightful memoir, that fear of failure is laid bare and then overcome by a refusal to accept what seemed to be planned out. 

From would’ve, could’ve and should’ve; one woman suddenly announced that enough was enough and found her own way to deal with the success and failure on her own terms. 

And you can too. Part self-help, part motivational autobiography, the experiences and insights that this book provides can help you turn away from the fear that failure will always be present in your life and find your own way to the success and happiness you deserve. 

Get a copy now and find success for yourself!

'Fear of Failure' debuts on April 1st. Pre-order(s) start March 1st. Foreword by Ambassador Dr. Cappriccieo M. Scates, Ph.D, as well as endorsed by HRH Princess Dr. Moradeun Ogunlana.