Oleathia "Butta b-Rocka" Robinson is a 2x Author her book

“Fear Of Failure Fear Of Not Trying” Going From A Shooting Star, To A Fallen Star, To A Super Star, The Oleathia “Butta B-Rocka” Robinson Story, Becomes #1 Best Seller On Amazon In Less Than 7 Hours

and she debuted her 1st children's book Nov 23rd 2021

The Adventures in Butta Butta Land- Overcoming Fear and Doubt

which is sure to top the best sellers list as well.


Inside the pages of this reflective and insightful memoir, Fear of Failure is laid bare and then overcome by a refusal to accept those fears and insecurities as being true. Being transparent, it addresses dealing with the pain of rejection, depression,  divorce, college, all while raising children on her own and working, to finding hope and strength within.

From would've, could've and should've; one woman suddenly announced that enough was enough and found her own way to deal with the success and failures of life on her own terms, and you can too!
 Part self-help, part motivational autobiography, the experiences and insights that this book provides, can help you turn away from the fear that failure will present in your life and will help you find your way to the success and happiness you deserve.

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The Adventures in Butta Butta Land takes you on a journey of self-discovery. In these pages, we learn how Jasmin deals with: fear, doubt, bullying, self-esteem, going to a new school, and making me friends.


The Adventures in Butta Butta Land

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